Custom Work

ZJ is probably best known for his custom work. All pre-made products can be repurposed, but also new ideas can definitely be tried.

Please note: please send any questions to the staff, many customs designs have been made of all shapes and sizes.

Cutlery and Steel

At ZJ Creates, there has been a lot of research, skill and time dedicated to our knife selection. Among the very first products to be designed there is an extra hint of passion in the custom department to make sure that everything from the tip of the blade to the bottom of the handle is made with care.


Many kitchens and resturants in the Phoenix area have begun using our custom wood, cutting boards and other dishes. But many products are able to made to anyone's needs.

About chacutaree boards

These boards can be made in many different ways. We can glue as many or few woods in our hand made ones or we can craft live edge boards with different features.